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Catamount Capital is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand identity and Website at htttp://
“Our new logo prominently features an image of a catamount which is another name for a mountain lion, cougar, or puma,” according Founder and President, Greg Mattlage.
Greg adds, “I like the theme of a catamount bounding through metaphorical vistas and rock precipices. It symbolizes the purposeful and agile nature of our company
in traversing challenging investment terrain on our way to higher ground. We believe that is what we are here to do.”
Catamount Capital, LLC is a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. Catamount is a Registered Investment Advisor and
sponsors proprietary Private Equity and Alternative Investment Strategies. The company and it’s capital partners own a variety
of portfolio investments including oil/gas production, mineral royalties, power generation, real estate, healthcare services, distressed securities,
and other operating businesses.

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